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heartfelt pretty pleases
and calculated
temper tantrums escalated
to ten

fervent leaps of faith
or those
elastic-band stretches on
tippy toes

there on the top shelf
is where
chilling chocolate milk

But when
mountains refuse to stoop
a footstool’s
forbidden height rewards



A simple city street
hums with vehicles and voices
ordinary enough
to be an unheard soundtrack

So too the silent
performance of whirling bats
vacuuming up
this bug-filled summer sky

The stones’ damp
exhale is merely a shadow
excluded by
our lamp’s encircling warmth

Sunset’s gold braid
a repeat presentation that
cannot compete with
supper’s beckoning scent

Yet later in bed
what will unspool behind
closed eyes is
today’s comforting totality

To A Niece

If I could offer
an elixir to assuage grief’s
dark dominance,
that precious goblet would be
filled to the brim.
Yet all I possess is this
feeble script,
the mundane balm of these
ineffectual words:
“Trust me, it will get better.”
When eyes,
heartbroken, ask, “but how,”
my silence
is a bitter pill to swallow,
so I say “listen.”
Time’s prescription alone
is the answer.

You’re A Cheesehead

When I tell you
my brother rides a Hog,
extend an invitation
to a Fryday,
spike your old fashioned
with brandy,
offer a Spotted Cow,
point out
an available bubbler,
tell you that
the Bears still suck,
after a run say
grab yourself a pop
or a Miller,
mention lightning bugs,
ask if I can
give your child a sucker,
holler cripe’s sake,
brag about
the scar acquired from
a teeter totter,
inform you that we
washed down
that brat with a PBR,
if deciphered
and not perplexed by
you’re a cheesehead
Badger like me.

All Fools’ Day

Almost Spring, but not quite.
The road it takes us on is never direct.
Impatient with cabin fever,
we often forget to ask, “Captain, may I.”
For every two steps forward,
it is another one back to the day before.
On this All Fools’ Day,
a courageous crocus telescopes through
the crusted snow as
daylight’s warmth collects in puddles to
contradict the lingering chill.
But April daydreams turn slippery when
darkness nips hope’s bud.
Tonight’s highway will provide no escape.

So close, yet so far away.
Walking beneath a sky now jagged with
the shards of ancient suns,
I suddenly recall an afternoon as distant,
the time Father came home
to announce it was a day to be foolish.
How we three children
battled him with misaimed snowballs
and jumped into icy puddles
with his laughter encouraging ours.
In his arms, he smelled
Spring fresh as he carried us indoors.
Almost, but not quite.
Once inside, he hardened like starlight.

Ice Skaters

We timidly tiptoe from the shore,
wary of every creak,
not trusting our full weight on its
slippery ballroom floor.
Lured by an orchestrating wind,
a couple, teenagers still,
are already out over their heads,
intoxicated by the dance.
Bold laughter echoes the music
that fills their eyes.
Laced into blades sharp enough
to draw warm blood
or a gush of icy water from below,
on fresh sea legs
they twirl, whirl and dare to taunt
the depths underneath.
Moon drunk and in starring roles,
the stage is theirs alone.
To them, at sixteen, tragedy is
an old wives’ tale
since forever seems unbreakable
and love’s invisibility is
firm ground for entwined dreams.
Joined hand in hand,
still eluding Time’s envious glance,
the weight of years
has yet to crack beneath their feet.

First Dress Rehearsal

Come September’s final week
we witness
Winter’s first dress rehearsal.
Before dawn,
Autumn’s colorful stage is
Festooned with a thick curtain
impervious to
the moon’s revelatory spotlight.
A white expanse
encasing morning, it emulates
October’s frost.
With silence now in costume,
a steaming cup
only mimes Summer’s warmth.