Reading The Future

They are surrounding a Ouija board
on a candle-lit patio,
pre-teen girls bravely taking turns as
disembodied spirits possess
their fingers and guide the planchette
in search of an answer.
The first questions are simple ones.

“What number am I thinking of?”
“Which of us is Jewish?”
“Who does Mara have a crush on?”
“Where do we go to school?”
“How many of us are in orchestra?”
Its heart-shaped arrow,
barely touched, correctly replies.

But soon they thirst to know what
the future might reveal.
These young girls seek a prospect
showing distant roads
that have not yet been set in stone.
A destination close enough
to easily reach in their imaginings.

“Will any of us become famous?”
“Are we forever friends?”
“What is my husband’s first name?”
“Do dreams come true?”
“How many children will I have?”
Hurrying Fate’s verdict,
a divining Ouija board decides.


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