What’s Best Remembered

Today, the headlines read:
Another government crumbles into rubble.
Creed becomes enforced doctrine.
On the stump, promises given are believed.
But most of yesterday’s news
is nowhere to be found, even below the fold.

Especially averted tragedies:
A child who looked before crossing the street
and lived. The unattended pot
discovered before the oil became too hot.
That door left unlocked
and discovered next morning on the way out.

Still, no news is good news:
Just ask that Nobel winner, dead in a crash.
The pictured drug-addled phenom.
Those poor souls standing right where they
belonged at the wrong time.
Anyone listed with a dash between two dates.

What’s best remembered:
A longing fulfilled. An absent son walking
unexpectedly through the door.
One hand brushing another and feeling
a spark of electricity in reply.
When the day’s news doesn’t include you.

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