Backyard Picnic

Tired of dining on lettuce,
a rabbit decides to snack on the dandelion centerpiece.

Fed up with table manners,
a flick of the frog’s tongue adds a fly to today’s menu.

Tickled by an ant’s bare feet,
out loud, a peony sneezes a petal onto the tablecloth.

Rolling over in the fern,
somebody’s puppy begs to have its belly scratched.

When the sugar cookies wear off,
it will snuggle on a lawn chair for an extended nap.

Minding his Ps and Qs,
a teddy bear at the table solemnly waits to be excused.

Atop that mushroom stool,
a caterpillar rises on its hind legs to enjoy the view.

Drunk on too much sunshine,
a baby cumulus overhead simply decides to evaporate.

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