Approach of Weather

Before bed, on the ten o’clock news,
they warned it was coming,
so I set my alarm an hour early to
deal with the mess of it.
All night long, restless, I wandered
through a dreamscape
attempting to outrace the weather.
But a cloud’s silver lining
overtook me before I could wake,
and its sticky gauze soon
rendered street lamps ineffective.
Softened by sifting snow,
the sky was carpeted wall-to-wall.
No longer trying to escape,
caught up in the storm’s intensity,
my footsteps zigzagged
across a perfectly blank landscape,
a white page unimpressed
by the attempts of such scribbling.
When dragged awake by
the alarm, I thought I’d discover
my winter dreamscape
triumphantly recreated outdoors.
But going to the window,
the snow’s accumulated absence
announced its presence.
Not even a cloud could be found.
Only that moon in the sky
had bothered to dust the ground.


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