That Song

Walk down any street and there it is,
spilling out from
an open window. That woman holding
her baby on the front stoop
sings along. A shirtless man washing
his car joins in on the chorus.
Dogs have been seen wagging their
tails to it. Children in
kindergarten know the words. Grand-
mothers hum along.
On radios, you will find it being sung
in countless languages all
across the globe. It’s as if stations
have been commanded
to play it hourly. Listening, girls get
all misty eyed while
tough guys discover their softer side.
Once heard, it is there
in your head until bedtime and still
playing when you rise.
Having swept couples off their feet,
it escorts them up the aisle.
Relevant to every mood and season,
there is no escaping it.
The equivalent of the common cold,
and just as infectious,
that song in no time begins to annoy.

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