Postponing The Inevitable

Door to door,
coming home those Sunday nights,
from farm to town,
the commute was all of four miles.
Just time enough
to dread the approach of another
school week ahead.
How I wished for super powers,
the ability to turn
twilight back into full sunshine.
Closing my eyes,
I’d settle for a car ride that had
no destination
if I could not conjure the clock’s
backward retreat.

Drowsiness alone
changed that ten-minute car ride
into an escape.
When Father finally turned into
our driveway,
the crunch of gravel failed to be
a wake up alarm.
I did not stir even after the rest
had climbed out
and a shut-off engine began to
tick as it cooled.
Heavier than a sack of potatoes,
I was determined
not to meet another Monday on
my own two feet.


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