The Dearly Departed

Never fear, the graveyard’s
dust is not their final resting place.
For the grieving heart’s sake,
the dearly departed are content
to play cameo roles in
the labyrinth of nightly dreams.

Inhabiting our memories,
ground into celluloid film stock,
they are not drawn to
the light cast by a heavenly sun.
Their essence resides in
the black powder of a former one.

Captured on a single frame,
the shock of recognition haunts.
In a breathless moment,
it is the residue of their breath
that speaks volumes.
The script has no need for words.

In a camera’s slow pan,
as walk-ons not central to the plot,
alive again, but not exactly,
they munificently smile on cue.
Their faces animated
only when there is no light at all.


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