Angina Pectoris

Swallow the prescribed pill.
Find a darkened room.
A drowning man mustn’t struggle.
Simply concentrate on
reaching the safety of shore.

Lay back and timidly inhale.
Don’t give in to panic.
Try to visualize tiny workmen
in their bib overalls,
scrubbing away at the plaque.

Picture construction workers,
burly and determined,
hammering on that ball of pain.
A boulder on your chest
finally dislodged by a gush of air.

Relax and think of the lungs as
an abundant reservoir.
Remember oxygen is a salty sea.
Trust in its buoyancy
despite the intense undertow.

Don’t give in to such a Goliath.
The heart is a muscle
capable of shrugging loose even
a grip this constrictive.
You’ll float as breath deepens.


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