Once you turn off the Interstate,
drive north on County X
and keep an eye peeled for a motel
on your left.
It is at least twelve miles,
certainly no more than twenty.
The sign will claim it’s
“closed for season”
but it has not been open for years.
Easily missed at dusk,
if you do, double back when you
reach the Conoco station
ten miles up the road
at the intersection of County D.
The road you want is
immediately after the motel
(or just before, if doubling back).
Either way, you’ll only
be able to turn one direction.
Don’t look for a road sign,
a snowplow knocked it down
last winter and
the County has not come ‘round
to put it back up yet.
You will be headed toward
the western sky, and if on time,
into the sunset.
On the right, our mailbox
will be the first you come upon.
Don’t be fooled
by the dense stretch of
forest encountered beforehand.
Keep driving,
even if there does not seem
to be anything but trees
between you
and the Canadian border.
There is, and we’ll be
sure to leave the porch light on.

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